Feeling unhappy with your smile these days? Maybe your teeth are looking discolored, or they’ve become fragmented from an accident or sports game. Are you tired of feeling embarrassed when you talk to your friends or meet up with your work colleagues? Well, there’s no need to deal with these things any longer! Here at our local dental clinic, we provide an array of treatments designed to improve the appearance of your teeth and gums.

One particularly good option to consider is receiving dental veneers in Innisfil. These tooth-colored shells fit over top of your damaged ones and help your smile look more uniform and natural. For more information, read this blog then visit a dentist near you.

What are Veneers?

A veneer is a customized covering that’s firmly bonded to your tooth to hide minor damage and imperfections. The material that is the most popular when it comes to fabricating your veneers is porcelain – this is because it can ward off stains better than resin or ceramic, is durable, and seamlessly blends in with the shade of your natural smile.

Not everyone is eligible for this treatment, however so, prior to committing to anything, you’ll have to attend a consultation with your dentist in Innisfil. During this one-on-one session, they will discuss your dental history and brushing habits with you, take x-rays, and physically examine your teeth and gums. All this allows them to identify the degree of care that you need to get your smile back to normal.

Reasons for Veneers

Outlined below are some of the most common reasons why your dentist might suggest that you consider receiving porcelain veneers:

  • You have broken teeth. This usually encompasses chipped or cracked teeth, which can occur because of continual grinding and clenching (bruxism), trauma, or because of a sports injury.
  • There are unnatural spaces between your teeth. Also known as diastema, if these spaces are unaddressed, they can invite bacteria to gather, which can lead to cavity formation.
  • Severe discoloration. Stains can be left behind by tobacco, certain food and drink (berries, curry, beer, red wine, etc), specific medications, aging, and infection.
  • You have teeth that are too small. Veneers are a simple yet great way to make your tooth appear longer, which can help create a more uniform smile.
  • Misshapen or crooked teeth. Veneers camouflage your tooth’s original shape, boosting the aesthetic of your smile.
  • Your teeth are weakened or worn down. Weakened teeth are much more susceptible to breaking. When this happens, it can alter your bite and cause pain when you chew.

Veneers are a reliable treatment that can serve you well for 10 years, perhaps more, if you actively prioritize your oral health Brush and floss your teeth every day, don’t chew on super crunchy/hards foods, and don’t use your teeth to open things. Wearing a mouthguard will also help preserve your newly restored smile.

On average, at least two appointments are needed to receive your dentures. Once your consultation has concluded, impressions are made of your teeth; these are delivered to a dental lab where the veneers are created. After 2 to 3 weeks, you’ll have to come in for a second visit to have them placed. A bit of your enamel is etched off so that the shells can stick. Lastly, your dentist will double-check that everything is good before allowing you to go.

If you have any queries or concerns at any stage during the process, don’t be afraid to let your dental team know so they can help you remain comfortable.

Finally, if you’re unwilling or unable to take the time to acquire your veneers through traditional means, talk to your dentist about no-prep veneers. This is a more straightforward option and doesn’t require as much enamel to be scraped off as porcelain veneers do. Removable veneers are also a choice you might want to explore, though most patients prefer to have their veneers remain on their smiles at all times.

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