Teeth whitening is an excellent way to enhance your smile and your confidence. There are many options for teeth whitening treatment in Innisfil, such as over-the-counter whitening kits, whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, and professional whitening treatments that can be done at home or in-office with the assistance of our dentist near you.

The best and most effective way to get amazing results from teeth whitening is to choose professional in-office teeth whitening treatment. Besides being provided with instant results, you will also be given a customized approach that is more efficient than most home teeth whitening treatment options.

The majority of in-office teeth whitening procedures use a special kind of LED or UV technology to quicken the process of whitening. This light activates that bleaching agent and helps it break down teeth stains without the use of other dental bleaching ingredients.


Is Teeth Whitening Dangerous?

Teeth whitening helps your teeth look radiant and healthy, but the use of bleaching agents with high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide is not advised by our dentist in Innisfil. Using bleaching agents without the supervision of a dental professional can significantly damage your tooth enamel, leading to further gum health and tooth sensitivity.

If you choose to get in-office teeth whitening treatment near you, you will be provided with a take-home whitening kit to maintain your new smile as part of your after-care.


How Much Does Professional Teeth Whitening Cost?

The cost of getting your teeth whitened depends on the kind of treatment and intensity you are looking for. Speak to our team at Northern Horizon Dental Innisfil about your desired outcomes, and we will be able to provide you with an estimate.


How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

The process for teeth whitening is straightforward and easy. Our dentist will begin by identifying what shade you would like your teeth to be. Then, they will clean your teeth and apply the whitening gel.

While sitting in our chair, your teeth will be exposed to our teeth whitening machine that uses UV and LED technology to whiten your teeth. This process will be repeated two times to leave you with a dazzling smile.


How Long Will Your Results Last?

When you leave our clinic, you can leave with a smile that is up to 15 shades whiter. However, your bright smile isn’t guaranteed forever, which is why it is essential to take home a teeth whitening kit so you can maintain it for months to come.

Some patients’ teeth stay white after six months, while others may start to see staining again just a few weeks later. The length of results depends on your eating and oral hygiene habits.



Your teeth will be highly porous immediately after treatment. This is why it is advised that you avoid dark-colored substances such as berries, juices, coffee, tea, red wine, and smoking for at least one-week post-treatment.

You may experience some tooth sensitivity after treatment, but this should fade after a few days. You can use sensitivity toothpaste to help with this.


Interested in Teeth Whitening Treatment?

The thought of teeth whitening can be daunting at first, but once you see your transformed smile, it will be well worth it. You will leave our clinic flashing a beautiful smile that will make you feel more confident than ever before. If you would like to learn more about teeth whitening, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Northern Horizon Dental Innisfil to book a consultation today!