At least two dentist appointments are usually required to prepare a tooth for dental crowns near you. The first dental visit’s goal is to evaluate and prepare the tooth that will be capped and to take an imprint of the tooth so that the crown may be made. The best way to safeguard your tooth is through placing a temporary crown.

The temporary crown can quickly be removed, and the permanent custom-made crown put in place during the second visit to a dentist near you, which happens after the crown has been built in a dental laboratory.

Extensive Examination and Tooth reshaping on the First Visit

An X-ray of both your tooth and jawbone is routinely done during the first dental visit to see if there are decay and other variables that could raise the risk of infection or damage to the tooth’s pulp. Before fitting a crown on a tooth, root canal therapy may be needed for some patients.

To make room for the dental crowns in Innisfil, the tooth will need to be reshaped; the extent of the reshaping will be determined by the type of crown utilized. Metal-based crowns are often thinner than porcelain crowns, requiring less tooth structure to be removed.

There may not be sufficient tooth structure left to insert the tooth in some people who have severe decay or damage to the tooth. In this scenario, a filler substance may be required to restore the tooth’s structure so that the crown can be placed later.

After the tooth has been properly shaped, the subsequent step is to take an impression of it so that the crown can be produced to match it as closely as possible. When the patient bites, the tooth on the opposing jaw that links with the crown also requires an impression.

Placement of a Permanent Crown on Second Visit

Meanwhile, impressions of the teeth are sent to a dental technician or lab, who will mold the crown to the proper shape. This procedure can take up to three weeks, which is why a permanent crown requires more than one dental visit to be properly placed.

After the dental technician or lab has made the crown, it is time to place it over the tooth. If a temporary crown was used, it should be removed first.

Before the crown is cemented in, it is critical to double-check that it was constructed correctly, ensuring that the fit and color of the crown match the natural and adjacent teeth.

A local anesthetic is often used during the crown fitting operation to numb the area. The crown is cemented over the tooth using dental cement. Small modifications to the crown’s shape may be necessary, especially if the patient’s bite is causing issues where the crown meets the opposing tooth.

Dental Crowns Placed the Same Day

In some instances, crowns can be created and put in by dental offices like Northern Horizon Dental Innisfil on the same day, eliminating the need to send impressions to a lab.

Rather than taking an impression of the teeth, scanning equipment known as a wand is used to capture photographs of them. These photos are transferred to computer software, which builds a three-dimensional tooth model. On the same day, this digital model can be used to produce a ceramic crown.

Computer-aided design and fabrication of dental crowns (CAD/CAM) is a process that may be completed in about 15 minutes and allows the crown to be placed rapidly.
When it comes to crowns, you have a lot of options.

In the end, it’ll probably come down to your preferences. Discuss the best type of crown for you and your dental requirements with your dentist in Innisfil.