We offer various options for dealing with dental problems including dental cleaning, cosmetic dentistry, dentures, sleep appliances, dental implants and more.

Let’s face it– dental problems can be scary. Even a slight toothache can fill you with dread. But instead of thinking the worst, call us for an appointment. At Northern Horizon Dental, we strive to make you comfortable and take care of you or your family’s dental problems with the least invasive procedure possible.

The best way to avoid dental problems is to make regular appointments for preventative care, such as dental cleanings. Dental problems such as gum disease and cavities can be caught early and resolved before they become a more serious concerns. This saves you time, money and discomfort. We take patients of all ages and have a kid-friendly environment, so your children can learn early in life how easy it is to maintain good oral health.

We’re perfecting smiles one smile at a time! Call us today and let us clear up those dental problems to give you the smile you can be proud of.


Ever since you were a kid, your parents and your dentist have probably told you that you need to brush and floss your teeth regularly to avoid cavities. However, what they likely didn’t tell you is exactly how cavities form. When one of your teeth decays, a weak spot starts to develop inside your tooth. If this decay continues and breaks through the surface of the enamel, damage to the tooth can be permanent. At this point, you will need to see a dentist to have the damage repaired.

Cavities are one of the many dental problems we treat at Horizon Dental. When you come into our office for an appointment, we will thoroughly examine your teeth, check for signs of decay, and determine whether you have any cavities. If you do have cavities, we can fill them at our office and ensure the overall health of your teeth.

To prevent cavities, we cannot stress enough how important it is to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss your teeth every day. In addition to this, you should come in for an appointment at one of our offices every six months and try to eat a healthy diet to best maintain your oral health.

If you have any questions about cavities, how they form, or the cavity filling process, please contact us at Northern Horizon Dental today. Remember, we are dedicated to your dental health and look forward to meeting all of your dental needs.



If a cracked tooth is bugging you, we can determine exactly which tooth it is and come up with a plan for saving the tooth, and your smile.

When you crack one of your teeth, you may have a hard time chewing, experience extreme pain when your tooth is exposed to hot or cold, or have erratic pain throughout your day. In many cases, the pain might come and go, and it can be hard to tell exactly which tooth is cracked.

This is where we come in at Northern Horizon Dental. Please remember that the treatment process we use and the outcome for your tooth depends on many factors, including the type, extent, and location of the crack.

We also want you to remember that if you think you have a cracked tooth, it is essential that you come into our office right away. Not only will this help you find relief from your discomfort, but it will also allow us to treat your tooth before the crack gets worse. In many cases, seeing us about a cracked tooth sooner rather than later can help you avoid extraction and ensure the function of the tooth for many years to come.

Contact us at Northern Horizon Dental to find out more about how cracked teeth develop and the solutions our offices uses when we fix them. As a patient-focused dental provider, we are confident you will benefit from our customized approach to dental care and our commitment to excellent service.

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) is a condition that occurs when the hinge that connects the lower and upper jaw stops working correctly. As one of the most complex hinges in the entire body, your jaw joint is responsible for moving the bottom of your jaw backward, side-to-side, and forward. If you have TMJ, it may feel like your jaw gets “stuck” when you try to open your mouth, speak, or chew, and your jaw may also make clicking or popping noises.

Although the exact cause of TMJ is often difficult to determine, at Northern Horizon Dental, the staff members at our office are prepared to help you manage its effects. We recommend scheduling an appointment with us to discuss your TMJ if you notice:

  • Your jaw clicks or pops when you open your mouth
  • Your jaw muscles are extremely tender
  • The way your upper and lower teeth fit together has changed suddenly
  • Consistent pain when you chew or open your mouth widely

Depending on your symptoms, we will then determine what approach is best to eliminate your discomfort. For example, we may recommend wearing an appliance, such as a bite plate that is custom-made to fit your mouth, to reduce the effects of grinding and clenching your teeth on your jaw.

At Northern Horizon Dental, we are here to help you maintain your dental health now and in the future. Contact us today if you think you have TMJ and schedule an appointment with one of our offices.

The next time you have a toothache, don’t feel like you have to suffer through the pain.

There are many different ways a toothache can develop. For example, you might struggle with a toothache if the root in one of your teeth is infected, if one of your teeth becomes damaged, or if food or debris gets stuck between one of your teeth. Whatever the cause, after one of your teeth starts to hurt, you likely want to find relief as soon as possible.

At Northern Horizon Dental, we realize you may be tempted to ignore the symptoms of your toothache and go about your daily activities for as long as possible. We strongly encourage you to avoid doing this and to come into one of our office to be seen by one of our experienced dentists.

When you come in to see us, we will determine exactly what’s causing your toothache and come up with a plan of action for relieving it. Please keep in mind that in most children and adults, tooth decay is the primary cause of toothaches. If you ignore a toothache caused by decay, your tooth will continue to be damaged by plaque, and it will be harder to reverse the effects of the damage.

The next time you have a toothache, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Northern Horizon Dental to find out more about how we can help you with your toothache and why you should make us your dental provider of choice.